Week 17/24 for Waterloo – Starting to blog

Blogging seems like something people did 10 years ago.  But here I am, starting to write a blog.  Not sure how long I’ll keep this up as it’s not the first time I’ve started writing a blog. :)

I’m motivated to jot down notes about my running to keep track of how things are going after reading Reid Coolsaet’s blog.  He’s a very talented and inspirational Canadian runner!

I’ve started this kind of late as I’ve just finished week 17 of 24 in preparation for the Waterloo Marathon on April 27, 2014.  This was a down/recovery week for me.  My target was 90 miles but I cut a few runs short due to some pain in my left shin (feels like the precursor to shin splits so I really didn’t want to push it).

Monday:  Rest day as I was commuting to and from work.

Tuesday: 3×1 mile, 2x800m (targets=5:18/mile), -23C.  Had a bit extra planned but was freezing and getting late for work.

Wednesday: 14 miles: 2E,8x(1T, 400mE),2E (T target=5:45), -13C

Thursday: (AM) 6 miles easy -21C.  Had some problems with this run… laces were digging into my foot so I had to stop to loosen my shoes.  And my left shin was feeling a little sore.  (PM) 8 miles easy w/ 6 strides, -14C.  Got out at lunch to finish up the 14 miles I had planned for today.  (XT) After these runs I took an ice bath up to my quads and stretched and used the foam roller on my shins to try to fix those up (45 min total).

Friday: (AM) 6.5 miles easy/recovery, -4C.  Right shin/ankle had no problems today! Woohoo! Looks like the work I did on it the night before paid off. Today, the left inside of my shin is pretty sore (shin splints). Need to roll and ice that tonight. (XT) 30 min foam roller on my shins.

Saturday: 16 miles easy, -8C 30kph N wind.  Planned 22 but knew I was going to cut it short due to my left shin.  By the end, things were feeling okay and I might have been able to finish up but I had already mentally bailed and I justified my decision by telling myself I didn’t want to push it with the shin.

Sunday: (AM) 13 miles easy, -8C.  Met up with a local runner who I met at the Hypo Half in February.  We did two loops of Murphy/Blackwell/Lakeshore at an easy/recovery pace. (XT) 15 minutes core work (P90X Ab Ripper X), 30 minutes balance/core (P90X3 Isometrix), 15 minutes stretching and foam roller (inside of left shin & front of right shin).

In total, I got in 73 miles which is a good recovery week from 100 and 95 the previous weeks.  Next week is 100 including a quick interval session on Tuesday, a 15 mile threshold run on Wednesday, and a 22 miler on Saturday with a 5K race in the middle as a threshold interval.  Still hoping to run ~16:30 for the 5K as that would be in line with my recent half marathon and also with my goal marathon time of 2:40.

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