Week 18/24 for Waterloo

This was the fourth of seven really challenging weeks in my training plan in terms of the weekly mileage and tough workouts. Three more difficult weeks and then it lets off a bit before the race.

Here’s a look at what happened this week.

Monday: (AM) 12 miles easy @7:07/mile, -2C. Perfect morning for a run – even wore shorts! (PM) 40 minute recovery-paced jog @8:20/mile, 2C. It was so nice after work that I took my son out in the stroller and pushed him around a bit to get some active recovery in.

Tuesday: 10 miles w/ 10x(3 min fast, 2 min easy) fartlek, 4C. Fast intervals averaged out to 5:32/mile and easy intervals were 6:57/mile for a total of 5.4 miles fast and 2.86 miles easy.

Wednesday: (AM) 3 miles easy @7:20/mile, -8C. I had a big workout planned (15 miles w/ 4T, 3T, 2T, 1T where T pace is 5:45/mile) but a blizzard hit and I had to quit after 3 miles because I couldn’t see the road. Complete whiteout. (XT) P90X2 Post-Activation Potentiation Lower workout (60 min) and P90X Ab Ripper X (15 min). It continued to snow all day and the plows didn’t end up coming by until 11pm so I did some cross training instead.

Thursday: (Noon) 8 miles easy/moderate @6:47/mile, -16C. (PM) 40 minute recovery jog, -14C. Really easy in preparation for the next day’s long run.

Friday: 22 miles w/ 4T, 10E, 3T (bailed 4T), where T=5:45/mile. I ran this with a friend and we did pretty good on the first threshold set but really struggled on the second to even keep it under 6:00/mile and eventually called it after 3 of the 4 miles, starting the cool down early. I had run this same workout two weeks earlier and nailed the paces so this was a bit of a bummer but I think my legs were pretty beat up from cross training this time.

Saturday: 12 mile easy to marathon pace progression followed by 8 strides. I was feeling great and the weather was perfect so I pushed it a little.

Sunday: (AM) 11.5 miles easy/recovery, -20C. I had 12 miles written on the calendar but felt like I could go for 14. It turned out my right shin/ankle had other ideas and I had to bail before I made it home. (XT) 15 min stretching + 15 min foam rolling. Icing throughout the evening.

In all, this was a pretty good week. I managed to get in 88.5 miles despite missing a run due to the blizzard. Still battling some soreness in my shins but hopefully a scheduled rest day tomorrow and a massage on Tuesday will get me on the right track to recovery. Next week is a bit of a lower mileage week but has one of my peak workouts (23 miles w/ 8 easy, 8 marathon pace (M), 1 threshold (T), 4M, 1T, 1M). Looking forward to that workout to gauge my fitness. I think it will give me a good idea of what pace I’ll try to race at.

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