Week 19/24 for Waterloo

The week isn’t over but I’m wishing it was. I’ve been nursing pain in my right shin (same problem I had in my left shin in February) since it flared up on Sunday during an easy run. It seems to be inflammation around the tibialis anterior tendon which can get worse when it rubs against the retinaculum that wraps around the tendons in your shin. That’s what I’ve gathered from the chiropractor, physiotherapist, and RMT I’ve seen, anyways. I guess this must be a weak area for me so I’m trying to incorporate some strengthening exercises a couple times/week.

I’ve been trying to keep the inflammation down with regular icing (3-4 times/day) and even Ibuprofen (I don’t like relying on drugs since I think there’s a reason the body reacts this way). I had a massage on Tuesday and I’m going back next Tuesday. Hopefully that helps, too.

The only times I was able to get out running so far this week was an easy 4 miles on Wednesday and an easy 6 miles on Thursday. I’ve shuffled around my training plan to push back some important workouts and instead will continue with short, easy runs through the weekend. Hopefully I’ll be ready for a 13 mile threshold workout by next Wednesday and then my peak 23 mile workout next Saturday.

Following those two workouts, I have only four more significant workouts scheduled and then it’s 10 easy days of tapering for the Waterloo marathon. I was feeling pretty confident about my sub-2:40 goal a few weeks ago, but it will soon be a month since I’ve run a hard workout and hit my pace goals. Needless to say, I’m starting to feel anxious to get out on the road and put in a solid effort.

About five weeks to go until race day!

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