Week 20/24 for Waterloo – Still nursing this injury


After only 18 miles last week, I managed to get out for 4 runs already this week, totaling 25 miles.  I hope to add another 10-20 miles this weekend depending on how the shin feels. I continued my regime of stretching, foam rolling, icing repeatedly, chiropractor visits, and massage, but my right anterior tibialis is still giving me grief. I’ve been told it is tenosynovitis which is inflammation in the sheath around the tendon (or something like that).

I’ve been trying to figure out what triggered this issue and I think it was a lower body workout (lunges, one-legged jumping forward/backward/side-to-side, etc.) I did four days before the pain started.  That makes the most sense since I didn’t increase my running mileage or intensity, I didn’t try new shoes… basically nothing changed in my running.  But I rarely do workouts like that so it was definitely something different and that makes it suspect.  Plus, when this happened to my left shin in February, I did a similar Plyometrics workout a few days before that issue started.  So, I guess I learned a hard lesson… don’t do any overly stressful workouts in the middle of marathon training when your body is already taking a beating and is weakened.  (In my defense, there was a blizzard outside and I figured I was just substituting a running workout for a cross training workout)

I’ve had to shuffle my training plan around – again – and have pushed back any quality workouts until I’m closer to 100%.  If I had an indoor pool available for pool running, I’d be doing that instead of hitting the road…

My main goal right now is to take it easy this weekend with the hope that I’ll be fully recovered for a workout next Wednesday. After that, I can’t push things back any further and will have to start cutting out quality before the race.

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