Week 21/24 for Waterloo – On the mend… I think


I thought this synovitis issue with my right shin would have been healed by now based on how long it took to heal on the left side in February but I’ve had no such luck; It flared up on on Tuesday during an easy run after two weeks of very light mileage (18 miles, 30 miles).  I made the decision to take a few more days off running since I don’t have a lot of time left to heal up before the Waterloo marathon at the end of the April.  With three weeks remaining before that race, my goals are to ensure this shin issue heals and that I’m able to get out for at least one quality long run to test my fitness so I can appropriately adjust my expectations for the race.

I took Wednesday and Thursday off running and hit the elliptical for 45 minutes instead.  Today, I was able to get out for a short 35 minute jog without any issues.  I’m still icing on and off to be preventative and stretching/foam rolling when I feel a hint of tightness in my calves or shins.

My hope for the weekend is that I can get out for light jogs on Saturday and Sunday, a rest day Monday, and then I’ve planned a 23 miler on Tuesday as my last significant effort before the race.  This workout on Tuesday (8 easy, 8 marathon pace, 1 threshold, 4 MP, 1T, 1MP) is one I’ve pushed back a few times already and will be what I use to determine my goal pace.  If that plan falls through, coming up next weekend is a local roadrunners club 10K race where I hope I’m in shape to run 34:30.  I’ve never run faster than 35:01 for 10K so breaking into 34-minute territory would be a nice confidence booster right now.  A 34:30 would line up with my 2:40 marathon goal so… fingers crossed that things come together over the next week.

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  1. Great post. I’m dealing with some of these issues
    as well..

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