Week 22/24 for Waterloo – Roadrunners 10K


Since the physiotherapist I’ve been seeing has taped up my tib post, I’ve been feeling pretty good running. Pool running has been great, too, for extra cardio and focusing on form. I think I might finally be getting past this injury.

There are now two weeks remaining before the Waterloo marathon and since I’ve had three light weeks while trying to heal my shin, I’m going to try to get some decent mileage (80ish miles) and a couple long workouts in next week. It’s too late to improve fitness for the race but these workouts will help me gauge where I’m at now so I can adjust my goal if necessary and hopefully boost my confidence a bit going into the race.

My first pre-marathon test was the Hypo Half Marathon back on February 9 which I ran in 1:16:06. That put me in a good place to run 2:40 at Waterloo a couple months later.

The Sarnia Roadrunners 10K on April 12 was my last race before Waterloo. I was hoping to run 34:30 (3:27/km or 5:33/mile), breaking my 7-year-old 10K PB of 35:01. The day before, I did a 45 minute pool workout and later a 45 minute run with 4x 800m a little faster than my goal 10K pace (3:21/km) to remind my legs what running fast felt like.

The race went well and I crushed my PB with 34:09! That has me still on track for a sub-2:40 at Waterloo so that’s what I’ll be aiming for.

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