Summer 10Ks and Upcoming Goals

The Blue Water Bridge

Since the Waterloo marathon, I’ve been trying to take it easy and let some soreness heal before I get back into the routine.

My legs were pretty beat up and walking—let alone climbing stairs—was slow and painful. By Wednesday, I could take the stairs two at a time but I am still waiting for my shin to come around. The tendon is a little inflamed and tender. I plan to take it easy for a few more days and hope it’s ready to go sometime next week.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the road and preparing for some of the ‘big’ local races near Sarnia this summer.

First up is the 37th Annual YMCA-CHOK International Bridge Race 10K on June 1 which starts in Port Huron, MI and crosses the Blue Water Bridge to end in Canatara Park, Sarnia, ON. This will be the first time I participate and I’m expecting some fast runners. Past winners were sometimes as quick as 31 minutes and change. I’m hoping I can improve on my 34:09 PB and break into 33:xx territory but it remains to be seen how I’ll handle the long incline of the bridge. Maybe the hills from Waterloo helped?

Two weeks later is the 28th Annual Huron House Boys’ Home Father’s Day 10K. This one is so close to home I could almost jog to the start line for a warm-up (but 5 miles is pushing it for a warm-up!). I’ve run this once before on no training but I’m hoping this time to finish around 33:30-33:45. A post-race pancake breakfast is a great motivator!

About a month later on July 19 is the St. Clair River Run 10K which starts in Sombra and runs along the St. Clair River to finish in Port Lambton. This will be my first time running this race and the course record is supposedly 33:18 which I hope to be near with a time of 33:30.

The next few months will be focused on preparing for those 10K races and at some point transitioning back into marathon mode to build up for a late fall marathon. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing the Hamilton Marathon on November 2 and (assuming my body holds itself together and I’m able to get in some solid running this summer) I hope to run closer to 2:30:00, knocking another 10-12 minutes off my marathon PB. Having just finished a marathon in 2:41:39, this seems crazy but that’s what I find so exciting about running; a few months down the road, you are able to do something that seemed impossible when you started out and, once you get there, you’re already looking for the next challenge to move yourself forward!

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