Week of May 12, 2014

Somewhere around 60 miles with three quality workouts. It feels like I’m on the edge (of injury) right now so I might have to take it down a notch to two workouts next week and slow it down on my easy/long runs.

I’m two weeks away from the Bridge Race 10K (June 1), so I’m planning to get in three more quality sessions (probably a set of 400s, some 1km repeats, and a threshold workout) before then. Then I’ll probably repeat these upcoming two weeks to prepare for the Boys Home 10K on June 15.  Here’s how the week came together:


Monday, 19°C and rain: 4 miles easy (6:52/mile) following my typical routine of strength exercises.

Tuesday, 18°C: 8.8 miles w/ 12x400m (400m jog recoveries), targeting 71 seconds. The first five intervals were right on target but the last seven were between 72 and 78 seconds.

Wednesday, 6°C: 11.7 miles easy (7:03/mile). Stopped halfway to stretch out my shin and felt fine the rest of the way home. This was a little worrying as I really don’t want to deal with this shin issue all summer and into my next marathon. I might try to hold on until July where I can take a couple weeks off after my 10K races to heal up before I start my marathon training. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Thursday, 8°C and pouring rain: 12.5 miles w/ 10x1km (400m jog recoveries), targeting 3:15/km. It was raining and there were puddles all over the track so I think that slowed us down a bit. We averaged closer to 3:17/km. Solid workout. After the workout I iced my shin 3x throughout the day.

Friday, 8°C: 3 miles easy with my son in a stroller. My shin was feeling a little sore. Not really sore, but like it was going to be sore soon. I was going to take the day off running and did my strength and mobility routines. I decided I was good enough to run and went for a quick jog.

Saturday, 10°C: 14 miles with 10 at marathon pace (~6:00/mile). A perfect day for a run – sunny but cool.

Sunday, 18°C: 6.5 miles with a break after 2 miles for 6 strides, form drills, and 4 more strides. My left foot was feeling sore this morning like a bone was bruised or something. It started feeling better through the day and after a mile or so of running, I completely forgot about it. Seems to be fine now.

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