Week of May 19, 2014


This week started out great with a strong race at the Watford-Alvinston Optimist 10 mile Road Race but quickly eroded into a week of multiple days off and another annoying injury to battle. I’ve got a week to heal up for the International Bridge Race 10K on June 1.

Monday, 18°C: Watford-Alvinston Optimist 10 mile Road Race. Ran a steady race to finish in 56:51 (5:40/mile) and finished first overall.

Tuesday: Couldn’t find time to run.

Wednesday, 13°C: 9.6 miles w/ 16x400m. Averaged 71-73 seconds intervals with 200m walk + 200m jog recoveries. Somehow the thunderstorms broke long enough for me to get this workout in!

Thursday: Set out for an 8-10 mile run but immediately turned around after a hundred metres or so because my left foot was hurting when I followed through my stride and pushed off. It seems like the cuneiform bone of my big toe is bruised or pinching when I put pressure on the ball of my foot. I was able to get in to see my favourite physiotherapist after she had a last minute cancellation. She tried to loosen the foot up and taped it up but it still hurt enough that I didn’t try an evening run. Instead I did my strength routine. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling like the tape was too tight and had to pull it off.

Friday: I didn’t try running at all. I mostly stretched my foot and massaged it with a lacrosse ball and golf ball. Iced it three times.

Saturday, 16°C: I took my son out in the jogging stroller for 7.3 miles easy. Iced multiple times. The inside of my shins starts to flare up too so I’ve been icing my shins as well.

Sunday, 24°C: 12 miles easy w/ 4 strides. Ran 6 to my cousin’s birthday party and 6 home a few hours later. After each segment, I stood in the lake as an ‘ice bath’. That helped relieve the aching in my shins.

In total, I got in about 40 miles with three days off so although it wasn’t the week I wanted, it went okay on the four days I was able to run.

Next week, I’m hoping things will hold together for 6-7 days of running, including the Bridge Race 10K on Sunday and a couple days of light, easy miles to ‘taper’. The only non-easy running I’m considering is a short threshold run (3×1 mile T pace, 5:45/mile) and maybe some overpass repeats to prep for the huge incline of the bridge.

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