Week of May 26, 2014 (race: Bridge Race 10K)


To cap off a solid week of running, I ran the first big 10K race of the summer in the Sarnia area – the YMCA-CHOK 37th Annual International Bridge Race. I knew beforehand that there were at least two other fast runners that I’d hopefully be able to work with to reach my goal time (a friend of mine, Taylor, and a XC coach from Michigan, Matthew Fecht, who qualified for the USA Olympic marathon trials in 2011!). I was hoping to improve my three week old 10K PB of 34:09 to something that started with 33. My stretch goal was to run 33:30-33:45.

In order to run the Bridge Race in 33:45, I needed to run about 5:26/mile. In my last 10K race, I ran 5:29/mile and, in my last 5K race, I ran 5:23/mile, so I figured it might be possible given that I ran my last 10K solo and this time I had people to work with.

Race Recap:

The race started over in Port Huron, MI and ran along the St Clair River. At the start line, we saw Matthew and he was hoping to run 31:30 so he was gone immediately after the start. After about 2.5 km, we started the bridge climb.

The climb was tough and by the top my pace had fallen to 6:00/mile but I had pulled away from Taylor. He caught me on the way down despite my best effort at keeping things moving at a quick pace of 5:00/mile. Taylor led for about a km before I pulled in front.

The remainder of the race wasn’t very eventful for me; Just some super flat paths along the St Clair River toward Canatara Park. I kept seeing KM markers but none of them were lining up with my watch and I started to realize that the course was going to be pretty short. It ended up only being about 9.4K which is a real bummer because I was on pace at 5:26/mile and felt like I had enough left in the tank to maintain that pace for another 600m and record a new 10K PB of ~33:45. Instead, I’ve got a 32:40 with a giant asterisk. :(

Oh well. On the plus side, I ran a16:35 5K split which is a new PB. I will be looking for ‘redemption’ at the Huron House Boys Home 27th Annual Father’s Day 10K in two weeks.


Here’s how my training went leading up to the race:

[AM] 6 miles moderate (6:36/mile) with 4 strides.
[Noon] I got in a massage to loosen up for Sunday’s race.
[PM] 4.7 miles easy (7:24/mile) with my son in the jogging stroller.

[AM] 10 miles easy (6:47/mile) with 4 strides. Stopped by the beach for a post-run ice bath.

[AM] 8 miles with 3x 1-mile threshold (5:40/mile) separated by 2:00 jog recoveries.
[PM] 4.7 miles recovery (7:57/mile) pushing my son in the jogging stroller.

[AM] 10 miles with 6 around marathon pace (6:00/mile) and 6 strides. I didn’t mean to go out that fast but my legs felt great for a change and it was a sunny, cool morning so I let it roll.

[AM] 4.8 miles easy (7:19/mile). I previewed the last 5 km of the Bridge Race with Taylor.
[PM] 4 miles easy (7:27/mile) with my son in the stroller. Stopped for an ice bath at the beach too.

[AM] 6.5 miles easy with drills and strides. Ran 2x400m at 10K race pace to remind my legs how to move.

[AM] 3.5 miles warmup and the Bridge Race 10K. Followed up with 5.5 miles of cooldown jogging, 4x hillsprints, and an ice bath in the lake.

In total, I logged about 74 miles which I’m thrilled with. My legs are feeling great and it seems like I haven’t been able to run a week like this since early March when my right shin’s tendon flared up.

I’m hoping to carry this momentum into next week and run somewhere around 90-100 miles. I’ve got another ‘big’ local race in two weeks (Huron House Boys Home Fathers’ Day 10K) so I’ll need to get the mileage in next week to allow for an easier week immediately before that race.

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