The ‘running bum’ as sad and admirable

“The running bum intuits what the rest of us also know: life is short and it will fade for us all. In the end all instrumentalities of life, all the best-made plans, lead us all into the ground. His choice is noble, as it honors the present. He throws himself deeply into it without regard for futures beyond his experience.

“This point comes for all of us, not just for running bums: the moment when we cease to trade the present for hopes only dimly imagined and decide to throw ourselves into the life that has chosen us. The moment feels something like this: we wake up one morning and find ourselves trapped by the choices we’ve made and by the path that fate bore us down. Life forces us to choose to be who we have become — the recklessness and singularity of this choice is our only chance at freedom.”

Take a few minutes and read the full post. Although it is about ‘running bums’ (people who work minimum wage jobs to focus on their running aspirations), it applies to anyone who chooses a direction in life that goes against what others consider safe or normal in favour of chasing a dream.

I consider myself fortunate to have some of my ‘ducks in a row’ but I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have everything figured out and I never will. I am grateful for the career I have and what that has afforded my family and me but I’m also extremely thankful to be able to ‘chase a dream’ with my running.  Balancing everything in life is a challenge — if not impossible — and I am grateful for my amazing wife who supports me through all of this.

Life is short and this post reminded me of that and highlighted one of the reasons I decided to get back into running last spring.  Just wanted to share it. :)

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  1. mjswart says:

    Well put Aaron,
    Thanks for sharing.

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