Week of June 2, 2014

Just another week of running and trying to get a bunch of miles in before the Boys Home 10K on Father’s Day.

Here’s how the week went:

Monday: Rest (Out of town for work).

Tuesday: [AM] 10 miles easy (6:41/mile) with 7×30-second strides. [PM] 4.7 miles easy (7:23/mile) with kid in stroller.

Wednesday: 12.5 miles with 10x1K intervals on the track. Aimed for 3:15-3:20/km. Ended up with 3:15, 3:14, 3:16, 3:17, 3:17, 3:17, 3:18, 3:18, 3:19, and 3:10. A pretty controlled set. I remember seeing these 200m splits often: 0:39, 1:19, 1:59, and 2:38-9. Not sure if my heart rate monitor was wrong but for a vO2max session, I didn’t get my heart rate close to max. Maybe I should be pushing harder or maybe the HRM is broken.

Thursday: [AM] 10 miles with 3 at threshold, 800m easy, 2 at threshold. Target for threshold miles was 5:40/mile and I ran (5:40, 5:42, 5:40) and (5:42, 5:37). [PM] 6 miles recovery (8:24/mile) with kid in stroller. Struggled to finish this run as my shins were feeling tired and achy. After four miles I had to walk a bit and then barely made it home shuffling. I spent a good 20 minutes working my shins and calves on the foam roller.

Friday: 6 miles easy (7:02/mile).

Saturday: 18 miles moderate (6:19/mile). This was my first long run (18+ miles) since the middle of March.

Sunday: 10 miles easy (7:04/mile) with 7x 30-second strides.

In total, I logged 77.8 miles which is a little lower than I wanted but still good considering the workouts I got in and a day off. If I can average 10-12 miles per day for the summer, I’ll be pretty happy!

One week until the Boys Home 10K!

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