Registered for Fall Marathon – Week of June 16, 2014


A relatively uneventful week of running. I’ve got four to five weeks before the St Clair River Run, so it was time to put in some hard work to get ready for that.

I got in an interval workout on Wednesday on the St Pat’s track, followed by a threshold run on Thursday. The rest of the week was easy or recovery running.  I was hoping to get in a run on Sunday to bring my weekly mileage over 80, but I couldn’t find the time.

M: Rest.
Tu: [AM] 12 miles easy with 7 strides. [PM] 4 miles recovery with my son in the jogging stroller.
W: 12 miles with 8x1200m intervals and 400m jog recoveries.
Th: 10 miles with 3x 2-miles at threshold pace and 2 minute jog recoveries. Target was 5:40/mile and I ran (5:36, 5:38), (5:42, 5:46), and (5:37, 5:45).
F: 12 miles easy.
Sa: 18 miles easy/moderate.
Su: Missed.

Total: ~68 miles

I ended up pulling the trigger on a fall marathon and registered for the Hamilton ‘Road2Hope’ Marathon on November 2, 2014. I chose this race for a number of reasons: 1) it appears to be really flat (even net downhill) and fast which will hopefully give me a good shot at a PB time, 2) the timing works out well with my plans for downtime (no running) for the first couple weeks of November, and 3) I hope to be competitive and have a chance at bringing home some cash prizes!

It’s way too early to have any confidence in a goal time prediction at this point, but I’ve written down 2:28 as something to aim for. That’s 13 minutes faster than my current PB which is ambitious and a little crazy but I think if a goal doesn’t terrify and inspire you to put in the necessary effort then you will find short-cuts and give less than 100%. I will be investing 18 weeks of training into this race and I expect results from myself! :) That’s my stretch goal. My ‘safe’ goal is to go under 2:32 (a 10 minute improvement from my last marathon). I feel like that’s attainable since my last 10K time lines up with a 2:34ish marathon and I’ve got over four months to improve.

I plan on following a Daniels training schedule (two workouts per week) and will be starting at paces from VDOT 64 (the fitness level from my last 10K time) and increasing the paces every 4 weeks to end up at VDOT 67 or 68 which matches up with a 2:28 marathon time.  So, that’s the plan. I’ll see how it actually goes as it gets closer to November.

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