Week of June 23, 2014

Just another week of running. I start the 18-week training cycle for the Hamilton marathon next week so I tried to keep everything controlled this week (no letting loose just because I was feeling good).

M: 8 miles easy (6:55/mile) with 6 strides.
Tu: 8 miles easy (6:40/mile).
W: 11 miles with 18x400m (200m walk + 200m jog recoveries). Target was 70-71 seconds for the work intervals and I ran 68.7, 69.1, 70.3, 70.4, 70.7, 71.1, 71.1, 71.5, 71.3, 71.2, 72.7, 71.9, 71.6, 72.2, 71.9, 73.3, 70.7, and 72.2.
Th: 10 miles easy (7:21/mile).
F: 8 miles easy (6:44/mile) with 4 strides.
Sa: 18 miles easy (6:48/mile).
Su: 10 miles easy (7:25/mile).

In total, I logged 73 miles this week. That’s five consecutive weeks of solid mileage which will hopefully be a good base for the training ahead. I’m looking forward to some challenging workouts next week!

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