Week 2/18 for Hamilton Marathon

This week’s mileage target was 95 miles – same as last week – but, because I was out of town for work on Monday, I had (almost) one less day to work with.

Here’s how things came together:

M: 4.5 miles easy with my son in the jogging stroller. Managed to squeeze this in after arriving home from Kitchener.
Tu: [AM] 13 miles with 8 easy followed by 6x 1km (400m jog recoveries). [PM] 5.5 miles with 6x400m (400m jog recoveries).
W: 11 miles. I ran a workout with the SCSS XC team. 5 miles with 4x1km at a comfortable pace of 3:45/km (500m jog recoveries). Followed by a quick core session and then 6 miles solo over hilly terrain.
Th: 14 miles easy followed by a physio session to loosen up my left foot (something in my arch was irritated and sore – Jenny at Archway fixed me up again!).
F: [AM] 12 miles easy. [PM] 4.5 miles easy with my son in the jogging stroller.
Sa: 19.5 miles with 4 miles easy, a Roadrunners 5K race, and 12.5 miles easy.
Su: 10.5 miles easy with 6 strides.

For the Tuesday workout, I was supposed to do the 6x1km and 6x400m intervals in one session but had stomach issues and I decided to postpone the 400s until after work. I ran the 1km intervals on a new track that didn’t have lines and part of the track was a big rectangle of pavement so I had to guesstimate where to run a 400m lap. As a result, I’m not overly concerned about the timing of the laps (3:15, 3:11, 3:14, 3:12, 3:13, 3:11); it was a good effort. Similarly, for the 400s later that day, I set out some pylons in a schoolyard to mark off roughly 400m and ran those basically all out (between 70-75 seconds).

The Saturday workout was supposed to be a big one. The prescribed workout was 21 miles with 4E, 3T (threshold, 5:32/mile), 9E, 3T, 2E but I had the opportunity to run a local Roadrunners 5K race so I substituted that in for the first 3T segment. I ran faster than I ever have for that course (five ~1km loops in Canatara park) but it seems to be about 250m short of a full 5K so I won’t count it as a PB. Still, a 40-or-so second improvement from my last run on that course.

I happened to bump into one of my SCSS XC coaches – Mr Burns – at the Roadrunners 5K and it was great to catch up. He was very encouraging and had some suggestions for people from the Sarnia area who might be good resources for me to reach out to.

Another solid week of running in the bank. I hit my target of 95 miles, got in a couple good workouts, and I find I am still eager to get in more miles (but I’ve been holding back and sticking to my plan) so I think that’s a good sign that my body is holding up and absorbing the training well.

Next week, I’ll try to increase the mileage to 112 miles which will be the most I’ve ever logged in a week. I hope to load up on the miles in the first half of the week so I can taper a little bit for the St. Clair River Run 10K on Saturday, July 19. That race’s course record is 33:18 which might be within striking distance if everything comes together.

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