Week 3/18 for Hamilton Marathon (race: River Run 10K)

Here’s my training for week 3 of 18 for the Hamilton marathon.  I had a goal of 112 miles which may have been too aggressive.  I felt a twinge in my shin on an easy run on Thursday so I took Friday off completely to avoid any major issues like I had in March.  I kept it elevated, with compression, and a few rounds of icing.  Seemed to be fine for the St. Clair River Run 10K on Saturday but I decided to take Sunday off too just to be sure it’s not going to flare up and ruin a week or two (or more!) of training.

M: 20.5 miles. [AM] 12.5 miles easy (7:13/mile). [PM] 8 miles easy (7:25/mile) with my son in the jogging stroller.

Tu: 18.5 mile workout with 5E (easy), 4T (threshold, target was 5:32/mile), 4:00E, 3T, 3:00E, 2T, 2:00E, 1T, 2E.  This was an amazing run – one of my bests so far.  I was able to hit my target paces for most of the intervals – (4T @ 5:32/mile, 3T @ 5:37/mile, 2T @ 5:41/mile, 1T @ 5:36/mile).

W: 12 miles easy.

Th: 16 miles. [AM] 12 miles easy with 2x 4 strides. [PM] 4 miles easy.

F: Rest

Sa: 11.5 miles with St Clair River Run 10K.  The race was awesome.  There along with my usual rival, Taylor Kraayenbrink, there were a couple young university kids to run with.  Off the start, there were four of us in a pack (Taylor K, a 19-and-under kid, Taylor McArthur who runs for Windsor track/XC, and myself).  I tried to stick to my plan and run 3:18/km for a target of 33:00 hoping that I’d real in Taylor M and the younger kid at some point.  Around 4K, the young kid faded and then I was about 20 seconds behind Taylor M who was leading.  For the last 3 or 4K, he kept looking over his shoulder and I kept trying to keep things moving to catch him.  For the last 1K, we were really moving and I got awfully close to catching him at the line.  I think he might have only beat me by about a second or so.  In any case, he helped me come in under 33 minutes for the first time with a time of 32:58!  That’s a 30 second PB from my time at the Boys’ Home 10K last month and I’m thrilled to finish off my summer racing on that result.  K splits were 3:12, 3:20, 3:19, 3:19, 3:18, 3:20, 3:19, 3:17, 3:21, 3:11.

Su: Rest

Start of the St Clair River Run 10K
Lead pack of four developing

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