Week 4/18 for Hamilton Marathon

After a brief injury scare last week, I changed my mileage goals to be less aggressive. Up to this point, I’ve been following the percent-of-peak mileage calculations from Daniels’ Running Formula but I’ve scrapped that idea and have planned to do four-week cycles that build from a moderate level, peaking in the second week, and then declining each of the remaining weeks to give my body a break. My goals for the upcoming weeks are now (85, 100, 80, 70), (90, 105, 80, 70), (90, 110, 85, 75) and then two weeks to taper. (My first four weeks’ mileage was (95, 95, 78, 71) for comparison.) the goal is to increase my mileage slowly so I stay healthy!

In addition to the Hamilton marathon on Nov 2 and the Springbank half marathon on Sept 7, I’ve also just registered for the OASIS Zoo Run 10K on Sept 20. This race goes through the Toronto zoo which will be fun for my family and me to explore following the race. As a bonus, it is also host to the Canadian 10K Championship this year which means there will hopefully be a lot of fast runners to work with. I think it will be a great racing experience and hopefully a good confidence booster for my fall marathon.

Anyhow, here’s how the past week of training shook out:

M: 30 minute pool run (4x 5′ hard, 2′ easy).

Tu: 15.7 miles easy. Legs still dead from last week’s 10K race so I pulled the plug on a 18 mile 4x2T (threshold pace, 5:32/mile) workout after the first 2T interval.

W: 11.6 miles easy. Mostly trails but with 1 mile barefoot on sand and 1 km barefoot on grass.


Th: 8 miles easy with 3 strides.

F: 6 miles easy.

Sa: 20 miles with 2E, 8M (marathon pace, 5:49/mile), 1T, 4M, 1T…4E.

The first half of this workout was pretty well on target (5:50/mile for the 8M interval, 5:38 for the first 1T interval, 5:49/ mile for the 4M interval) but I couldn’t pick it up for the second T mile and ran it in 5:48. After that, I was supposed to run 3M and 2E but I was pretty beat by that point (and in need of hydration) so I decided to start the cooldown early. Still a solid 20 miles in a time of 2:02:40.

I had a similar workout two weeks ago (21 w/ 5E,6M,1T,5M,1T,1M,2E) but this time there were three more M miles prescribed and less easy running at the beginning.

Following this run, my right shin/tendon was feeling a little sore so I got on the foam roller and worked my lower leg in addition to my usual stretches. Also got the ice pack on there a couple times throughout the day. I’ve got an appointment with a sports medicine physician next week to see what they think about this and a physiotherapy appointment to hopefully loosen things up. All mostly precautionary and preventative maintenance at this point.

Su: 10 miles easy with 7 strides.

For a total of 71 miles.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! :)

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