Week 5/18 for Hamilton Marathon

Five weeks of solid running complete in preparation for the Hamilton marathon. Nothing overly exciting to report this week; I got in one great workout and I’m doing what I can to stay healthy and avoid tendon inflammation issues. I had a physio session on Thursday at Archway and Jenny helped loosen things up and is going to prescribe some strength-building exercises to try to prevent the shin problems I had in the spring since they might not be completely behind me. I also met with a sports medicine physician at the Fowler-Kennedy centre in London but they suspected that the tendon issues were a result of my flat feet and prescribed orthotics. I bought an over-the-counter pair they recommended but they don’t fit right and are causing blisters from rubbing. I’ll be returning them and instead trying the strength training route.

I ran 75 miles which was short of my target of 85 but a couple days I cut my runs short to preserve my shins so I’m not too worried about the number as long as I’m still running and getting in my workouts. Anyways, here’s my week.

M: 8 miles easy-moderate.
Tu: 18.4 miles. 8 miles warm-up, followed by 8x1200m interval workout, and 2 miles cool-down. Interval target was 3:45/1200m or 75 seconds per 400m lap. I was pretty well on target (3:45-3:49) for all but two intervals where I decided to help out a training buddy with his pacing (3:58).
W: 9.3 miles. Ran with the SCSS XC team to help them with their workout and then did a few hilly trail loops on my own.
Th: 10.6 miles easy with 6 strides.
F: 9.6 miles with 2x2T (threshold, 5:28/mile) intervals. Ran the first interval at 5:26/mile and the second at 5:44/mile. I had planned to do a 20 miler with more T miles but ran out of water and it was too hot/humid.
Sa: 12.6 miles easy.
Su: 4 miles recovery.

My target for next week is somewhere around 90-100 miles. Hopefully that comes together without issue.

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  1. onionruns says:

    Hey Aaron:t

    Great to read about your running odyssey! Well written and conveyed. I wouldn’t mind helping out with some of your injury issues. I’ve been injury free for nine years now with 6 days of running year round. Anything specific, I’ve probably had it or dealt with it as I was a manager at Running Room for 4 years. Like your shin splints. I’m not sure what strengthening exercises they’re having you do ( I do two very specific ones), but let me know eh. I guess the main question is : How much time in a day are you dedicating to self-massage and recovery?

    1. Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for stopping by, David! I’ll gladly take any help I can get. :)

      I will give you the short answer: I’m not doing any strengthening exercises. The longer version: I shied away from anything outside running after my shin flared up in February/March immediately following cross training (admittedly, probably not the cross training I should have been doing… plyometrics, etc.). I just received a number of strength exercises to do from my physiotherapist so I’m going to start working on those (squats, lunges, hamstring curls, and some clams/extensions with resistance bands).

      Shin splints aren’t really my main concern; I know the medial side of my shin along the tibia is sore, but only when I press on it and it has never stopped me from running. My main concern is soreness that I experience while running in/around the tibalias anterior tendon close to my shin on the lateral side of the tibia. When irritated, it just feels sore while dorsiflexing. When it gets really bad, it swells and squeaks as it rubs through the retinaculum that wraps around the lower leg near the ankle and then I’ll be out for a couple weeks. I’m really not sure what triggers the problem… When it flares up, I RICE, maybe take time off, and visit my chiro and physio. The chiro adjusted my ankle this morning and I felt it definitely ‘release’ – it was pretty stiff. Maybe that’s part of the problem and I just need to get some maintenance work done on a routine basis to ensure things don’t lock up.

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