Week 6/18 for Hamilton Marathon

After a couple lower mileage weeks, I was due for a big week. The goal was 100 miles with a threshold workout and an easy long run but I was listening closely to my body to see if my shin/tendon needed a break. On Thursday, I felt some pain in my right shin/tendon, so I skipped the afternoon jog I had planned and did what I could to rest.  I got in to see Dr John Vargo at Sarnia Sports Chiro and he loosened my stiff ankle.  I really felt it ‘let go’ and when I went out for a run later that day, it felt like I was running on a brand new leg!  I’m going to add a regular chiro visit to my maintenance plan (which is currently just a physio session at Archway every three weeks, stretching after each run, foam rolling when things are sore, and a massage every now and then).

Anyway, legs are feeling good now.  Here’s how week 6/18 came together:

M: [AM] 18 miles with 8 miles warmup followed by 4x2T (threshold, 5:28/mile target). I didn’t quite hit the target paces but I got in a pretty solid effort. Interval times were 10:59, 11:06, 11:10, and 11:26 (almost thought about ending the final interval early but held on the best I could).

Tu: [Noon] 10 miles easy/moderate (6:37/mile).

W: [AM] 8.4 miles easy. Helped out the St Clair Secondary School XC team for their workout and then did 6x 15s hill sprints and a jog on my own. [PM] 4 miles recovery with my daughter in the jogging stroller.

Th: [AM] 8 miles easy (6:43/mile) with 8 strides. Shin felt bothered after this morning run so I took the afternoon and Friday morning off.

F: [AM] Chiro session. [Noon] 8 miles easy (6:49/mile). [PM] 4 miles recovery.

Sa: [AM] 22 miles easy with a Roadrunners 10K race as a progression (last three km at 3:17, 3:11, 3:06) and then running home from the park. I wanted to spend 2:28 (my goal race time) on my feet since I haven’t had a run longer than 2 hours in a while.

Su: [Noon] 10.5 miles easy (6:47/mile).

Total: 95.3 miles.

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