Week 8/18 for Hamilton Marathon

This was a but of a cut-back after two weeks of high mileage. Everything is still holding together and no aches and pains so I’m thankful for that.

I’m now two weeks away from the Springbank half marathon which I’m using as a tune-up race. I plan to train through this race (no taper) with a couple big weeks between 90-110 miles. There will be a few other fast runners so it could be a fun race. Terence Attema, who won ATB in 2013, will probably destroy everyone (1:05-1:07 maybe?). I also recognize Matt Suda (16:16 and 16:26 5Ks, 1:16:32 half earlier this year) and Adam Stacey (32:58 at Rock the Road… 11 seconds ahead of me) from London. I think my goal time for this race will be around 1:12 (hopefully just under) so there will be some competition for the 2nd place spot.

Here’s how this week came together:

M: Rest. I was out of town and this worked out well since I probably needed a recovery day after racing Sunday.

Tu: 8 miles easy with 8×30-second strides.

W: 10.5 miles easy with 6×15-second hill sprints.

Th: 18 miles with track workout. 8 mile warmup, followed by 6x1200m targeting 3:45/1200m (75-second laps) with 400m jog recoveries, then 4x400m targeting 68 seconds with 400m jog recoveries, and 2 miles cooldown.  Splits were (3:46, 3:48, 3:49, 3:52, 3:49, 3:56) for the 1200s and (70.7, 72.3, 71.6, 71.0) for the 400s. I also had a tune-up with my physiotherapist at Archway.

F: 10 miles easy with 6×30-second strides.

Sa: 24 miles with a 3-mile threshold interval (5:35, 5:34, 5:37) after 8 miles warmup. I decided to extend this from a 22 miler into 24 so that I could be out for closer to three hours. I also skipped breakfast and only drank water to try a depletion run (forcing the body to exhaust carb stores and start using fat as a fuel) and see if that would help with the later stages of the marathon.

Su: 10 miles recovery with 6×30-second strides.

Total: 80.8 miles.

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