Week 9/18 for Hamilton Marathon

Training continues for the Hamilton Marathon. It seems like I haven’t had a lot of exciting things to post about over the last few weeks but that’s a sign that training is happening without too many hiccups. No excitement, no injuries, no missed running. That consistency is what I’m hoping to maintain through this training cycle after a problematic build-up for the Waterloo marathon. During that cycle earlier this year, I lost quite a bit of time to tendon issues (somewhere around 4-6 weeks of low volume, low quality running). In contrast, during this cycle, I’ve set new weekly mileage bests and increased my average weekly mileage significantly. I ran 600 km in July which was the most I’ve run in a month until August, where I ran 634 km.

I think this week had a bit too much quality running between the track workout on Monday, the hill workout on Tuesday, and a tough long run on Saturday. As a result, my legs are feeling pretty tired right now so I plan on taking it easy next week. I’ve got the Springbank half marathon in London on Sunday and, while I don’t plan on tapering for this race, I do want to be able to put in a good effort there so lots of easy running on tap for next week.

A little shy of the 100-110 miles I had written up on the calendar but given the quality sessions, I think this was an okay week. Here’s how it came together:

M: 18.6 miles with a 3 mile threshold interval (5:28, 5:31, 5:29) and then met a friend for 6x1km on the track, targeting 3:10/km (ran 3:10, 3:11, 3:11, 3:11, 3:12, 3:11). The plan was to do 10x1km but I ran the seventh at 3:17 and pulled the plug as my legs didn’t have much left.

Tu: 15.6 miles. Drove out to Arkona for a hill workout with a friend. We did five laps of the ~5km loop around Rock Glen conservation area, attempting to do each lap a little faster than the last. Lap times were 20:30, 19:53, 19:22, 19:15, and 18:59.

A section of hills along Rock Glen Rd in Arkona.
A section of hills along Rock Glen Rd in Arkona.

W: 12.5 miles easy.

Th: 6 miles recovery.

F: 12.5 miles. [AM] 8 miles easy with 6x 30-second strides. [PM] 4.5 miles recovery with my son in the jogging stroller.

Sa: 18.3 miles with 4E, 4T, 6E, 2T, 1E, 1T. This run kind of fell apart due to the heat and humidity. At 8 in the morning, it was already over 30°C. Even with water set out every three miles, I just couldn’t hang on. Planned workout was 20 miles with 6M, 1T, 6M, 1T with M pace at 5:40/mile and T pace at 5:24/mile. I’ll dial thing back for next week (try VDOT 66 paces again before returning to VDOT 67 paces).

Su: 4 miles recovery.

Total: 87.6 miles.

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