Week 12/18 for Hamilton Marathon (race: Zoo Run 10K)

Last week, my left calf/shin/knee flared up out of nowhere. That resulted in no running Friday through Sunday and this week started out with more of the same. My goal for this week quickly shifted from mileage numbers and workouts to resting, recovering, and hopefully getting back on the road before the Canadian 10K championships in Toronto on Saturday. (I won’t be in contention this year but figured it would be a fun experience to run with a whole bunch of fast/elite runners. I wanted to see how I stacked up against Lanni Marchant who ran a 2:28 last year, setting the female Canadian marathon record.) 

Monday was a scheduled rest day while I was in Kitchener for work. Tuesday I had a physio session at Archway to get my leg looked at. Jenny taped it up, prescribed a regimen of icing and massaging (lacrosse ball), and suggested I try a short run on Wednesday. I ran two miles on Wednesday and my left knee/shin area felt kind of painful for the first few hundred metres and then eventually it faded. I didn’t push it and turned around after a mile and went back to icing to combat the mild soreness following that jog. 

Things were better on Thursday and I was able to jog 4 miles without pain and continued icing throughout the day. I got in an easy 6 miles on Friday with the first two at my usual easy pace (7:00/mile) but backed off back to a slower recovery pace for the rest.

The Zoo Run 10K on Saturday was about as tough as I expected (most people I looked at ran a minute slower than other 10Ks in the same timeframe. I wanted a new PB but with just getting over this injury and with the tough course, I figured I’d be hard-pressed to go under 33 minutes. I ran 33:46 which seems appropriate. The women I wanted to pace off (Lanni and Hannah) beat me by 30 seconds or so. I plan on taking tomorrow off to ice and rest. 

Highlight of the day was getting to meet and chat with Eric Gillis, Canadian 10K and Marathon Champion for 2014!


Week Recap: 

 M: Rest 

Tu: Rest 

W: 2 miles jogging. 

Th: 4 miles jogging. 

F: 6 miles jogging. 

Sa: Zoo Run 10K. 

Su: Rest

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Aaron! If you can run that kind of time on that course all banged up and tentative I would be very optimistic for what you can do when healthy. Very smart week. I still believe this forced cut-back will reap benefits later. All those miles/training you have put in is money in the bank. Some routine maintenance, get healthy, then slowly ramp things up again. You are going to meet your goals! No question.

    1. Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for the optimistic support! I felt like getting out for a run on Sunday but convinced myself that taking the the day off would be better and give me the best chance at a successful upcoming week. With a comfortable 6 miles at a steady pace this morning, things are looking good!

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