Week 13/18 for Hamilton Marathon

Only five weeks left until the Hamilton Marathon. I have no other races planned for 2014 which should allow me to stay focused and get in some uninterrupted training over the coming weeks. I think the injury problems from the last two weeks are mostly behind me. My left calf muscles have loosened up thanks to my trusty lacrosse ball, foam roller, and help from Jenny and Robb at Archway. At the beginning of this week, my tibia (I think) near my knee still ached a little when starting to run so I was careful to keep my cadence up (~180 steps per minute) even on easy runs to minimize impact during foot strike. I also iced regularly to deal with the sore spots. Hopefully that’s it for interruptions in this cycle.

I had reduced my mileage target for this week to ensure I came back healthy after two rough weeks. Depending on how things felt, I was going to consider doing the workouts I had jotted down. Monday through Wednesday were just easy days, keeping things under control and avoiding any unnecessary effort. By Thursday, I was feeling good but I wanted to get in a longer run before I committed to a workout so I put in a moderate 10 miles. I took Friday easy to prepare for a workout on Saturday and Sunday was a rest and cross training day.

Here’s how the week came together:

M: 6 miles moderate/easy @ 6:36/mile.
Tu: 6 miles recovery @ 7:20/mile. [XT] 15 min core (P90X Ab Ripper X).
W: 6 miles easy @ 6:53/mile. [XT] 30 min strength exercises (lunges, squats, leg curls, bridges, planks, etc.).
Th: 10 miles moderate @ 6:31/mile with 4x 30-second strides.
F: 8 miles easy @6:37/mile with 4x 30-second strides. [XT] 15 min core work (P90X Ab Ripper X2) and 15 min foam roller.
Sa: 16 miles with 2E (easy/warmup), 8M (marathon pace, 5:45/mile), and the rest cooldown. I had some threshold miles planned but just didn’t have them in me this morning.
Su: Rest. [XT] 30 min strength exercises (lunges, squats, leg curls, bridges, planks, hip hikes, etc.).

Total: 52.2 miles with 8 at roughly goal marathon pace.

For the next four weeks, the plan is to run 60-80 miles/week with two workouts/week. The focus will be on threshold intervals and increasing bouts of marathon-paced running. Following that, I’ve got a week to taper.


As a bonus, I just registered for the Ottawa Marathon which will be held May 24, 2015. This will be my next goal race after Hamilton. It should be a lot of fun since it will be my first ‘big’ marathon experience and assuming I’m on track for the goal I have in mind (more on that after Hamilton), it should be an exciting race. Leading up to Ottawa, the two tune-up races I have registered for are the Around the Bay 30K (March 29) and the Yonge St 10K (April 26). ATB should be a good test and Yonge St is a downhill course which always produces fast times. As always, my upcoming races (and past results) are listed on the Race Schedule page.

Thanks for reading!

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