Week 15/18 for Hamilton Marathon

Early thus week, I was eager to get back out on the road but I tried to balance that with a level of caution. I have been quickly running out of time before the Hamilton marathon and it has been over a month since my last long run. I thought I had this injury beat a couple times already but must have started back up too early or too quickly and with only four weeks before this goal race, I didn’t have time for another false start.

After nearly a full week off, I started building with two short runs per day. Each day, my leg felt better and by Saturday I felt well enough to push the pace a bit and test things out. Despite a few nights of interrupted sleep (my kids have had a rough week as far as their sleeping routines go), I’m feeling good and ready to get in a couple longer runs over the next two weeks.

Here’s a look at my week of training:

M: Rest
Tu: 3 miles. [XT] 20 minutes hip/core exercises.
W: 7 miles. [AM] 4 miles. [PM] 3 miles.
Th: 9 miles. [AM] 6 miles with 5x 15 second strides. [PM] 3 miles. [XT] 30 minutes hip/core exercises.
F: 10.2 miles. [AM] 4.2 miles. [PM] 6 miles.
Sa: 9 miles accelerating from 6:40/mile to 5:07/mile. Last three miles at marathon pace or better (5:43, 5:46, 5:07).
Su: 5 miles with 4x 15-second strides. [XT] 30 minutes hip/core exercises.

Total: 43.2 miles and 125 minutes off cross training/recovery work.

I decided to take Sunday as a recovery day and plan on running the Sarnia Roadrunners Thanksgiving 10K on Monday at marathon pace as part of a 16 mile run. Following that, the plan is easy running and building toward a final long run sometime in the next two weeks. I need one solid long run to give me a much-needed confidence boost and some idea of what pace I’ll be able to maintain at Hamilton.

Three weeks to go!

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