Week 16/18 for Hamilton Marathon

Clearly, my body is ready for a break from running. That and my eagerness to get back to training seem to be at odds and once again I am dealing with injury.

After a good return last week, it seems I pushed it too quickly and after a tough but successful workout on Tuesday, I couldn’t run on Wednesday. The same pain through my leg – hip, knee, shin – where I can’t properly load the leg. Using the elliptical seems to be fine so it just must be the force exerted on the leg while running. This is related to the issue I’ve been dealing with for several weeks now. Needless to say, this was pretty disappointing with only two weeks until my goal race. I still wasn’t able to run pain-free on Sunday.

At this point, I figure I have only two options left: take it as easy as possible in an effort to heal and run Hamilton with modified goals, or 2) throw in the towel and start recovering for my next training cycle. I’ve already paid for Hamilton, so I’m going to see what I can do with the training I’ve already got under my belt. Probably no more long runs or workouts which is a little difficult to accept mentally (it will have been two months on race day before my last long run…). If I can arrive to the start line recovered, I hope I can still run a good race.

Battling an injury at the end of every training cycle is not the way I want to run. After tendon issues before Waterloo and now knee/hip troubles before Hamilton, I’m looking for ways to stay healthy for Ottawa next spring. A book I’ve found really interesting is ‘Anatomy for Runners’ by Jay Dicharry. He talks all about the movements of the body and compares running to a slingshot (storing elastic energy). The mantra repeated throughout the book is “Strong forces through unstable levers results in disaster.” I’ll be taking his advice to heart for my next cycle by trying to identify and improve my mechanical weaknesses.

Here’s my week of training:

M: 9.3 miles with 6 at marathon pace.
Tu: Rest. [XT] 30 minutes hip/core exercises.
W: [AM] 5 miles. [PM] 12 miles with 9 at marathon pace.
Th: 2 painful miles outside then 0.5 miles on treadmill.
F: [XT] 30 minutes elliptical.
Sa: [XT] 45 minutes elliptical. 60 minutes foam roller and lacrosse ball working primarily on my left hip, calf, and shin. 30 minutes hip/core exercises.
Su: 2 miles. [XT] 30 minutes hip/core exercises. 60 minutes stretching, foam rolling, and working out kinks with a lacrosse ball.

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