Running is happening

This title pretty well sums up how I’ve been feeling about my training over the last four weeks; Nothing too surprising or exciting… just getting in the miles and putting in good efforts for the workouts every now and then. I’ve got four weeks of 100-120 km in my legs and everything is feeling good so hopefully I can continue building into the new year and carry the momentum into an April marathon.


I’ve signed up for the Detroit Turkey Trot 10K on Thursday, November 26 as it should provide a good opportunity to test myself and see where I’m at. Although geared as a ‘fun run’, the field of a few thousand participants regularly has a bunch of finishers between 30 and 32 minutes – which is where I’d like to be. Assuming weather cooperates on race day, I would be disappointed if I couldn’t beat the 32:24 I ran in the scorching heat/humidity of July… and I would be ecstatic to run something like 31:30… so, somewhere in the middle of that range would be good.


April seems really far away right now but I’m pretty sure my next goal race will be the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, OH. The course looks ideal as there are a few turns through local neighbourhoods at the start which will should help to keep the pace under control off the start line. The course seems relatively flat (compared to Ottawa or Waterloo) and the last 8-10 km are a straight shot home on a paved bike trail which should make things easier when the suffering begins.

Anyway, here are the recaps of my last four weeks of training.

Week of 2015-10-19

I had a bit more cross-training planned for this week but there were four nights in a row where my kids had me up between 3 and 4 am and I just couldn’t convince myself to get out of bed earlier than I had to for work.

  • M: 60′ run (13.4 km)
  • T: Workout: 6 km warm-up, 6×2’/1′, 6 km cool-down (17.4 km) + 30′ core
  • W: 75′ run (17.1 km)
  • Th: Workout: 5 km warm-up, 15′ @ 3:30/km, 5 km cool-down + 15′ drills
  • F: 75′ run (16 km)
  • S: 60′ bike into 90′ run (21.1 km)
  • Su: 2 hour 15′ bike (57 km) + 30′ core
  • Total: 7.25 hours of running for 100 km (+4.5 hours of extras)

Week of 2015-10-26

This was my third consecutive week around 100 km and everything is feeling good. Nothing overly sore (except maybe my abs from drills and core work). I feel pretty confident that this ankle/tendon thing is behind me finally. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks to get in some work and then jump into a race to see where I’m at.

The Monday interval workout is one I’ve done a few times now (6×4′ @ ~3:08.8/km in July and 6×4′ @ ~3:12.7/km in June). I thought I might have been able to start at 3:12/km and pick the pace up each interval and was on track for the first three intervals at 3:11/km, 3:08/km, and 3:08/km. And then I turned into the wind. Barely hung on with paces of 3:14/km and 3:16/km. Not bad for my fourth workout back. I guess I shouldn’t be comparing this one to workouts I’ve done after months of base and regular workouts.

The 20′ tempo on Thursday was a good one. Windy day, so the front end of the tempo was a little slower, while the last 10′ was with the wind. Brought the average down to 3:23/km and felt under control doing so.

  • M: Workout: 5 km warm-up, 5×4’/90″ intervals averaging 3:12/km, 5 km cool-down + 15′ drills.
  • T: 75′ run (16 km w/ 8x 20-second strides) + 30′ core
  • W: 45′ elliptical + 75′ run (17 km)
  • Th: Workout: 5 km warm-up, 20′ tempo @ 3:23/km, 5 km cool-down + 15′ drills + 45′ elliptical
  • F: 75′ run (16 km) + 30′ core
  • S: 95′ run (22 km)
  • Su: 14 km run + 2 hour bike (50 km)
  • Total: 8.66 hours of running for 119 km (+5 hours of extras)

Week of 2015-11-02

The fartlek and tempo workouts went well. Again, the wind made things tricky, but Im still seeing some progress on the tempo paces.

From Friday on through the weekend, I was up north for the deer hunt so I tried to get in a bit more work earlier in the week. I still got in a couple jogs while up north, but the beer and food meant I came home ~7 lbs heavier! (Thankfully, I seem to have worked that off and I’m back to my typical weight.)

I’ve started to become a little concerned about my left knee as I twisted it a few weeks back and it is now noticeably swollen on the outside. (I think I may have sprained my LCL?) There’s no pain while moving it or running so I’ve been carrying on and trying not to aggravate it.

  • M: Workout: 80′ fartlek + 15′ drills
  • T: 45′ elliptical + 16 km + 30′ core
  • W: 13.8 km + 30′ core
  • Th: Workout: 10 km warm-up, 15′ and 10′ tempos @ 3:20/km, 6 km cool-down (24 km) + 15′ drills
  • F: 18 km run
  • Sa: 60′ hilly run (12.9 km)
  • Su: 60′ hilly run (13.2 km)
  • Total: 8.66 hours of running for 118 km (+2.25 hours of extras)

Week of 2015-11-09

I came home from the hunt camp on Tuesday so Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was rushed between a 6 hour car ride and when my fatherly responsibilities resumed. I hit the track on Wednesday to get some intervals in for the first time in a while. I went out way too quickly (2:58 for the first one!) and the shorter-than-usual 1’/200m jog recoveries caught up with me quickly and I started fading to 3:07-3:10. The tempo+progression on Friday was going fine until my stomach gave out on me and I had to pull the plug a couple minutes early.

I had trouble finding time (or the motivation) for the extras this week so I missed a drills session and both core sessions. I plan to get back on track this coming week.

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