Back on the road

These overuse injuries are the worst. There isn’t a clear line on one side of which you’re injured and the other side you’re healthy; it’s all gray area and varying degrees of hurt. That’s what makes it so frustrating to deal with. You could probably run through it for a while, but eventually it will catch up with you and it will take even longer to heal. When do you decide to cut your losses and take a break to let your body heal? And then how long do you rest?

After battling this tib post tendon for several weeks, I decided on two weeks off. It seemed like a lot of time but thankfully home improvement projects and Ocarina of Time kept me busy and it went by quickly. I now have a week and a half of pain-free running in my legs. In addition to regular chiro and physio visits, I’ve been foam rolling and lacrosse ball-ing the crap out of this tendon and everything attached to it. So far, it seems to be helping.

My hope is that over the next eight to ten weeks, I’ll be able to get in good shape to run either the Ottawa 10K on May 28 (the Canadian Championship race) or—if my training goes better than expected—the Ottawa marathon on the following day. It’s a bit of a stretch but at this point I just need to go for it and see how things play out.

I missed out on the Chilly Half in Burlington while resting. I was following the results the morning of the race and I found them a little surprising. I was expecting more guys from Speed River would be running the half marathon but it looks like a few switched to the 5K last minute. Bummer. Tristan Woodfine still ran (and won) the half in 68 minutes. About a minute behind was Josh Bolton and Lucas McAneney. It seemed like a perfect day out there and a great chance to run a fast race.

Not much that I can report training-wise, but here’s the last several weeks recapped:

Week of 2016-02-15:

  • M: Bike Workout: 90′ with 30 x 1’/1′ hard/easy
  • T: 4.7 km jog
  • W: Rest
  • Th: Rest
  • F: Rest
  • S: Rest
  • Su: Rest
  • Total: 4.7 km run

Week of 2016-02-22:

  • M: 45′ bike
  • T: Rest
  • W: 45′ bike
  • Th: 30′ bike
  • F: Rest
  • S: Rest
  • Su: Rest
  • Total: 0 km run

Week of 2016-02-29:

  • M: Rest
  • T: Bike Workout: 70′ with 20 x 30″/90″ hard/easy
  • W: 30′ bike
  • Th: 7 x 1’/1′ run/walk + 15′ weights + 25′ bike
  • F: 7 x 2’/1′ run/walk + 30′ weights
  • S: 7 x 3’/1′ run/walk
  • Su: 20′ jog
  • Total: 59 km run

Week of 2016-03-07:

  • M: 30′ run + 15′ weights
  • T: 40′ run
  • W: 45′ run
  • Th: 50′ run
  • F: 60′ run
  • S: 2.75 hour bike (76 km)
  • Su: 25′ run
  • Total: 59 km run

Thanks for checking in! Hopefully next time I’ll have some progress made and will be a little more confident about what my next race will be.

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