For a while there, I had a draft post talking about how my training had been going smoothly and as such was kind of boring and not really worth writing about. Following the Waterfront 10K, I had four steady weeks at 120 km/week, with a tempo run each week and a longer run. Then all of a sudden, I had some pain on the outside of my right foot following an easy run. It didn’t feel right and I was shifting back and forth between running, cycling, resting, and whatever I could do to keep things moving forward. Finally, the issue culminated in a failed marathon-paced workout after which I went to the emergency room for an X-ray. It came back clean and I was scheduled for a bone scan a week or two later. Finally, four weeks after the pain appeared and two weeks after my initial X-ray, an orthopedic doctor confirmed I had a (stress?) fracture in the X-ray and he wanted me in a walking cast for 6 weeks. Just like that, the fall races I had lined up were off the table.

I kept meaning to come back here and write a post but my life outside of running became very busy and the longer I went without writing the more daunting it became to recap things. So, this is purposefully going to be a short one.

In total, I had 7 weeks of no running with some of those weeks having complete rest while others had a couple bike rides – nothing exciting. I’ve now been running almost daily for 2 weeks and have built up from 10 minutes of walking/running intervals to an 85′ run yesterday. Still no workouts or races(!) on the calendar for a little while as I ease back into the routine.

Anyways, lots has happened in the running world since mid-June! We had the Rio Olympic marathon where Eliud Kipchoge dominated the men’s field and Eric Gillis ran a perfect race and was the highest placing Canadian at 10th. Kenenisa Bekele ran an incredible 2:03:03 (just 6 seconds shy of the world record) in Berlin a few weeks ago, edging out previous world record holder Wilson Kipsang.

Looking forward, we’ve got a big weekend coming up with the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday – our Canadian marathon championship race. Eric Gillis is making a quick return and will be the top contender. Others who will be vying for a top finish are Kip Kangogo (2:15 in Toronto last year), Robert Winslow (2:20 in Toronto 2014), Kevin Coffey (2:21 in Toronto 2014), John Mason (2:22 in Toronto last year), Tristan Woodfine (2:27 in Rotterdam last year), David Le Porho (2:19 in California last year), and Philippe Viau-Dupuis (2:21 in Boston last year). You can see the full elite start list here. I’ll be following along on Twitter and watching the live stream if possible. Keep an eye out for Jeff Costen making his marathon debut and Eric Bang looking to take a chunk of his 2:29 PB.

The women’s field is also stacked with Canadians – pretty much everyone except Lanni (who will be running NYC along with Rob Watson a few weeks after). Krista DuChene (2:29 in Rotterdam last year), Dayna Pidhoresky (DNF’d Houston in January), Leslie Sexton (2:33 in Toronto last year), Rachel Hannah (2:32 in Houston in January), and Tarah Korir (2:35 in Ottawa this year) will be battling for top honours.

The half marathon should be a good battle too with Josh Bolton, Trevor Zimak, David Freake, and Rob Brouillette the mix for top spots.

Anyway, I said I’d keep it short – so that’s it!

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