Watching spring marathons from the sidelines

Since Around the Bay, I was able to get my hamstring under control but somehow hurt my heel/Achilles tendon and now I’ve gone from scratching the Toledo marathon off my list, to cancelling my backup plan to run the Ottawa marathon, and now I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to run the Ottawa 10K in 5 weeks. No running for a week and my heel is still bothering me. There doesn’t seem to be a specific movement or point that is painful so I hope that means there’s no fracture. Seems more likely to be some kind of tendon issue where it attaches to the heel. Maybe some tearing? Hard to know and, unfortunately, going through the x-ray process seems pointless since it takes so long to hear the results and half the time the results don’t show anything. So, I’m resting until it feels normal again. Oh well. I’m happy enough with my race at the Chilly Half to call that the end of my spring racing season and shift my focus to some summer 10Ks.

Fortunately, while I’ve been sidelined there have been a bunch of spring races to follow. The Boston Marathon was fun to watch. Jordan Hasay won the day after running 2:23 (fastest debut by an American woman) off a 1:07-high half marathon in Prague. Our Canadians had a rough day out there with Rejean Chiasson running 2:31:57 after splitting the half in 1:10:55, John Parrott running 2:34:30 after splitting 1:11:02, and Christian Mercier running 2:44:34 after splitting 1:15:27. I heard conditions were pretty tough on the day with some wind and warmer than usual temps. Would’ve liked to see what those guys could’ve done if things worked out in their favour.

Thomas Toth ran the Hamburg marathon under the radar and managed to dip under the IAAF qualifying mark of 2:19 when he finished in 2:18:58. That adds him to the list of Reid Coolsaet, Eric Gillis, and Rob Watson who have run a qualifying time for the 2017 Marathon World Championship race in London this August. I imagine we’ll see a few more guys take a crack at this mark over the next month. (Tristan Woodfine? Sami Jibril?) We already know three guys lining up on May 7: Blair Morgan in Prague, Kip Kangogo in Vancouver, and Seth Marcaccio in Pittsburgh. Good luck to each of those guys!

The Sunday following Boston was packed with good races – The Montreal Half, Vancouver Sun Run 10K, and London Marathon. Tristan Woodfine and Kevin Coffey ran around the 30-minute mark on Vancouver’s downhill course. (Kevin followed that up with a blistering 5000m in 14:07 a week or so later!)
John Mason set a PB in Montreal with a 1:07:40, while Jeff Costen and Josh Bolton ran 1:09-low. Check out John’s interview on The Terminal Mile podcast.

The London Marathon lived up to the hype again with Mary Keitany taking nearly a minute off the women-only world record, running 2:17:01 after a suicidal first half where at one point, she was on pace for 2:10! The men’s race was pretty good too watching Bekele claw his way back into contention but eventually coming up short.

Lots of marathoning I’ll be following next weekend. Good luck to everyone running Mississauga! Watch for fast Canadians in Vancouver, Pittsburgh, and Prague, too!

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